Product Photography - Packshots

Professional product photos are the foundation of sales and brand building.

One picture is worth a thousand words

Because in product sales, the most important thing is to showcase them in the best possible light, ideally in a context that evokes positive associations and emotions.


We take product photos on neutral, uniform backgrounds without additional elements. This allows for their use in various applications.

Product photo sets

We create sets with several products or with a product placed in a specific setting. Such arrangements diversify the way the product is presented, providing it with a suggestive context and facilitating the purchasing decision.

Several shooting plans

With 450 m2 of studio space, we can arrange the appearance of any room, and we have 4 dedicated stations for advertising photography.


We specialize in photographing food products, both raw, such as fruits and vegetables, meat, etc., as well as packaged items.

Articles, equipment, accessories, etc.

We take photos of articles from various categories, including toys, large and small household appliances, electronics, furniture, tools and accessories, equipment, etc.

Food styling

We employ a food stylist who can create a wow effect with every product and dish. The studio is equipped with a kitchen where we cook, bake, and fry.


In our team, we have individuals who build scenographies, allowing us to recreate a fragment of any room, such as a kitchen or bathroom.

Various applications

We create photos for both digital applications, such as product cards and social media, as well as for DTP purposes, leaflets, product catalogs, or large-format prints.

Selected projects

While working for our clients, we had the opportunity to participate in many unique projects.
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